How many colors does the robot printer use to print?

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4 primary colors (black, red, blue, yellow) and 1 additional white color (if, for example, the wall is dark, but you need to draw white elements such as clouds, teeth, white rays, etc.) in total we get 5 primary colors and millions shades.

What is the print resolution? Are small elements of the picture missing?

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The printer has a very high resolution for printing 1440dpi, which means that it will be able to print almost all small details, even small text in excellent quality (the most important thing is the initial sample of the picture, if the sample is of good resolution and quality, it will print exactly the same in high quality.

Is the work of a printer comparable to that of an artist?

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Do not compare these two types of drawing. The artist's work is appreciated because it is a handicraft in which the professional has invested a lot of time, effort, talent and inspiration, and these works are rightfully considered masterpieces.
The work of a wall printer is slightly different, more accurate, faster and it will use several thousand times more colors, the printer is needed to repeat and accurately copy the works of famous artists, to perform especially complex designs. For example, imagine a picture in which more than 100 people are drawn, it takes a lot of work for an artist to draw every person and every face, and not everyone will be able to draw a high-quality picture of this level. If you do not take pictures as an example, the printer can draw on the walls, other images that a person practically cannot draw with his hands. This can be, for example: very accurate Maps, blueprints, other schemes, restaurant menus, hotel price lists, tourist routes and project designs. For a printer, this is a routine job where the CPU and software are responsible for ensuring that the result is always in excellent quality in a short time.

What kind of paint is used to paint with a robot printer?

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Calling it paint is a little incorrect, because it is a special polymer (liquid plastic) that polymerizes (hardens) only when exposed to ultraviolet color (a special UV projector is installed on the printer that shines through the paint immediately after application). This is an excellent technology that makes it possible to cure the paint in 1 second after application. It is also a very high-quality and expensive paint, because when using cheap and low-quality materials, our robot will quickly deteriorate, become unusable and will require expensive repairs. Our company is always interested in providing only the best quality for our customers.

How long can a printed image last?

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Our paint manufacturer guarantees us up to 5 years for outdoor work and up to 15 years for indoor work. The main point is that our ink will last longer than the ink on the coating on which the printer will print.
Can I wipe it with a damp cloth, what happens if the picture gets in the rain?
The picture printed by our printer will not deteriorate after contact with water, even on the street during the first 5 years, even the strongest rain cannot spoil it, because it is designed for outdoor work.

What layer of ink does the printer apply?


Our printer applies 4-5 layers (1 layer of each color), they are thin, but at the same time have excellent covering properties and durability that will last a long time.

What are the benefits of digital printing on walls when compared to wallpaper or adhesive-backed wall film?

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1.The price is cheaper than other similar materials, and the quality is much higher.

Only $ 10 per square feet and $ 299, for delivery and installation of equipment, for orders over 100 square feet, delivery and installation are Free

2. Protected from water, humid and dry air.

3. Service life indoors up to 15 years

4. Never peel off the wall.

5. Does not deteriorate from the sun and does not fade.

6.  Has no seams between gluing, no joints visible.

7.  Mold cannot appear and damage, because it does not absorb moisture.

8.  Suitable for tropical hot and humid conditions

9. You save your time, now you do not have to wait a week until the decoration of your room, more than 200 square feet in 1 day, is finished.

10.  Cleanliness during and after work, there is no need to clean.

11. By digitally printing on walls, you will avoid the problems shown in the picture below.