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The advantages of digital printing on walls

1.The highest quality and fast printing speed for only for $10 per square feet. 

Wall printer can print more than 200 square feet in 1 day!

 2. Waterproof and washable surface.

No mold, no fade, no peeling!

It's perfect for tropical hot and humid climate

3.  Has no seams or joints

4.  Cleanliness during and after work

Printing on ceilings and columns, with lighting installation.


Wall printing technology to help with island beautification efforts

Armen Karapetian and Igor Kobzev, two businessmen on Guam, are working with Rudy Paco, mayor of Mongmong-Toto-Maite, on beautification efforts.

According to a news release, the businessmen launched Design Studio Guam to build a wall printing machine in October 2020. The men ordered parts from Japan and Germany and finished the machine in December 2020.

The technology uses durable acrylic paint to print high-definition images of up to six feet, the release stated. The paint dries fast and the wall prints can be done indoors and outdoors.

Karapetian and Kobzev finished a 70-square-foot mural at a local Korean restaurant. They also donated wall art of underwater life and a wall map of Guam to the Mongmong-Toto-Maite community center. 

Paco is the Mayors' Council of Guam representative on the Guam Visitors Bureau board of directors. In the past, he has worked with Karapetian and Kobzev on beautification efforts in his village, the release stated. 

Karapetian and Kobzev moved to Guam three years ago, the release stated.

"It was great to see people that have just made Guam their home offer their talents,” Paco said. “Since then, they’ve helped with village events and have now offered their services with their wall printing business.”

The wall printing will help with signage and murals. Paco will work with Guam Visitors Bureau and the Mayors' Council to identify sites.

“I am excited to work with Mayor Paco on our board of directors to improve destination Guam,” said former Gov. Carl T.C. Gutierrez, president and CEO of Guam Visitors Bureau. "This technology can help us share beautiful images of our island."

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Make a print directly on kitchen cabinets, and an individual fresco for backsplash.


Some ideas for your interior


Panoramic view from the window

Leopard Wall

 Family picture

Your favorite Superheroes

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The main directions of printing on walls


Apartment and house design


Office design


Cafe, Bar, Restaurant design


Kids room


Beauty saloon


Hotel design


Fitness gym design


Hospital design





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Print any image on any surface

The work is divided into 5 steps:
1. Arrival of the designer and engineer to your place to check the surface and to do the necessary measurements.
2. Discussion of the customer's ideas on the wall print design. 

3. Creation of the computer design project.
4. Delivery of the wall printer to the facility.
5. Installation and printing of the picture on the wall.


Designer services

1. Design and print of customized menu for restaurants and bars
2. Design business cards
3. Creation of light design
4. Creation of indoor and outdoor advertising
5. Processing of photos and videos


Web designer services

  • 1. Website design

  • 2. Creation of websites

  • 3. Creation of online stores

  • 4. Support and service of websites that we create

  • 5. Help in website promotion


Furniture and cabinet design

1. Computer interior design
2. Delivery and installation of furniture and cabinet through our partners at a great price


Ceiling and wall design



1. IT engineer
2.Web designer
4. Photographer
5. Artist
6. LED advertising specialist.
7. Company partner in preparation for apartment renovation.